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Finding a cheap flight to Seychelles from London becomes simple and easy with Skyjet. Just enter the destination details and desired date of travel. Hundreds of flight options will appear on your screen, just compare the options and choose the one which best suits your requirements. We have robust travel search engine which is connected with almost all well-known travel agent websites and airline portals to provide you up to date information instantly. Skyjet also shows you the dates when the airline rates are cheap and low. If your dates are flexible then you can plan in advance to be eligible for the early bird discount offers provided by several airlines.

Best Things About Seychelles

The Seychelles Island is located near the famous Seychelles Islands. Most of the international flights from London to Seychelles arrive at the Victoria city which is the capital of Seychelles Island. The beauty and major attractions of Seychelles Island is its mesmerizing white sand beaches. Before you jump with exciting, please ensure to read the danger warnings at some of the beaches of Seychelles. You can find plenty of options to enjoy all types of water sports in Seychelles Island. The night life of Seychelles is famous and the town has its own charm and energy during the night. Seychelles offers you plenty of options to relax, explore and enjoy. Book your package with Skyjet and get attractive travel deals online.


Culture, Cuisines and Climate in Seychelles

The culture and traditions in Seychelles associated with the Seychelles Islands is strongly connected with the French and African cultures. You can also find a sizable population of Chinese population in Seychelles. The major source of income of Seychelles is via tourism so travellers have complete safety and security in Seychelles. People are friendly and the local restaurants and hotels offer exclusive mouth water dishes which you must try while your visit. Some of the famous dishes in Seychelles Island is Shark Chutney, Shark Meat and Ladob dessert. Seychelles experiences ample amount of rainfall and the temperature is humid and warm across the year, so plan your visit accordingly.

Best Time to Fly Seychelles

Seychelles shares almost the same climate in Seychelles Island, and Seychelles is famous for its beautiful weather across the year. As such there is no specific season to visit the beautiful location like Seychelles. If you are looking for comfortable climate when the temperature is not so hot then you can choose to visit during May to September when the dry season starts. The wet seasons starts from November till January and most of the tourists visit during the summers which lasts March to May. You can also find better flight options to Seychelles from London during this period. If you need assistance you can also always choose Skyjet team to provide you complete vacation package for Seychelles.