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Best Things About Accra

Accra is a vibrant and mesmerizing capital city of Ghana. It is luxurious and beautiful just like any European city and equally safe. If you are a shopaholic then you will enjoy shopping in Accra as you can find a range of hand-made jewelleries and Ghanian fabrics at the local street shops. Stunning architecture and buildings in Accra are also worth taking tour. Dance your way all night in Jazz, traditional or Blues music at the famous night clubs dance floors. Enjoy the real taste of Africa at Accra with zealous natives. You can save money by choosing the cheapest flight to Accra from Skyjet and spend the same in enjoying several other activities in the city.

Culture, Cuisines and Climate in Accra

Food is one of the most important parts of Ghanian culture. If you visit Accra and if you do not have tasted coconut juice directly from the fruit or mouth water donuts then you have not done anything in Accra. Some of the most famous local dishes of Accra are the meat pasties and street side delicacies. There are several restaurants and local street shops where you can enjoy these dishes at economic rates. Ghana is made up of different type of tribes including the Ewe, Ga, Akan and Moshi-Dagbani, so you can find different types cultural events organized in Accra by various communities. Check the event calendar before visiting Accra so you can be part of these events.