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Best Things About Harare


If you are planning to visit some greenery location where you can find number of gardens, parks, and museums then Harare is your ideal place. Till 1982 the city was known as Salisbury and it is the capital of Zimbabwe. Harare is the best location to have a city break and spend peaceful time with family and friends. The city is known for the number of art galleries, museums and lush gardens it is blessed with. Some of the famous tourist attractions in Harare are Natioanal gallery of Zimbabwe, National Archives of Zimbabwe, Woodlands Environment Centre, and the Wildlife centre. The Queen Victoria Museum and National Botanic Garden is also famous location which is worth visiting.

Culture, Cuisines and Climate in Harare


Harare is situated in the Masonland where most of the people speak Shona. The Shona speaking people are monotheistic who believe in the supreme diety known as Mwari. The art and music is major part of the Zimbabwian culture. The Harare music and art is influenced using the traditional rhytms, sounds and instruments like mbira and marimba. Most of the people believe in Christianity but there are people who hold traditional beliefs. At Harare you can try some of the best of the Zimbabwean delicacies like Sadza at the local street shops or restaurants. The city experiences three different climates like hot, wet and dry weather in a year.