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The city of Auckland is one of the most beautiful places in the world where thousands of people travel every year from all over the globe. It has beautiful landscapes and greenery all over the city. The atmosphere is pleasant and enchanting all over the year, except winters. If you are interested in mountain hiking or surfing then you should choose Auckland. As the average flight time taken is around 25-30 hours, it is important that you plan your travel in advance. You can get last minute discounts in several airlines, but it depends on the availability of the tickets.

When you are traveling, finding the right flight option can be challenging, and therefore there are a lot of options when you are buying a plane ticket. Finding the best option for cheap flights to Auckland from London is easy when you have the right information.

Best way to find cheap flights to Auckland from London?

  • Be flexible for the day to leave and when to return, having flexible dates is one of the best ways to find cheap flights to Auckland from London
  • Book on weekdays, because people travel more on the weekends
  • Book your flights in advance(book your flights six to eight weeks in advance)
  • Round-trip ticket is a good way to find your best flight option

Which days are cheap for ticket booking from Auckland from London?

All studies are showing that the weekends are most busy, so you should avoid them to travel. Easter weekend (April 14 to April 17) and Labor Day(late October) are busy, as well as other holidays. So always check the holidays.

What’s the frequency of flights to Auckland from London?

There are more than 10 airlines that are flying to Auckland from London.

How long are the flights to Auckland from London?

The average flight time to Auckland from London is 23h and 30 min.