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Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi

Best Things About Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE and it is the second city in the world which is densely populated. After Dubai, Abu Dhabi is one of the most visited and popular destination where people love spend time in the entire UAE region. Each year millions of people visit Abu Dhabi to for leisure tour or business tour. Some of the major attractions in Abu Dhabi are the desert safari of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed mosque which is the main landmark of Abu Dhabi and the heritage village. In addition, you should also visit the Women's Craft Centre, Observation Deck, and Emirates Zoo park. While your visit, do not miss the boat ride to view different views of Abu Dhabi.

Culture, Cuisines and Climate in Abu Dhabi

The rich heritage and culture of Abu Dhabi is strongly associated with the Islamic Arabian traditions. You find a wide range of beautiful mosques, art museums and cultural festival which showcases the beauty of the Islamic religion, tradition and true commitment. Abu Dhabi is also known for its hospitality and lip smacking delicacies. It offers n number of options to keep the tourist happy and excited for more. During your visit to Abu Dhabi do not forget to checkout the local delicacies like Ma'louba, Harees, Fireed, Mishwy and Margooga. The speciality of Abu Dhabi is the camel milk tea which is known as Emirai tea. Apart from the shopping hub in Dubai, you will equally enjoy shopping at Abu Dhabi as well. The shops are always open and welcoming except during the holy month of Ramadan. Shops are open but the timings are different.

Best Time to Fly Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi weather is warm so it is easier for tourists to travel around in light clothes. The average temperature during the summer is 41 degrees. The winters are also cool and the average temperature is around 13-15 degrees. So tourists planning to visit Abu Dhabi from London or any other country, should opt for winter season. The climate is comfortable and with the dipping temperature the cost of room rates and flights are also cheaper. Choose Skyjet to get the best online deals for Abu Dhabi.

What are the best ways to find cheap flights from London to Abu Dhabi?

Sky Jet Air Travel offers a generous variety of different cheap flights from London to Abu Dhabi. There are many ways to find the perfect flight for you. Here are some tips for booking cheap flights from London to Abu Dhabi:

    • Be flexible with the dates of traveling
    • Consider booking flights in advance
    • Choose what class of flight you need
    • Choose the right timing
    • Travel during weekdays

How much time flights to Abu Dhabi from London take?

Most of the flights to Abu Dhabi from London take around 8 hours for a direct flight. However, the flight time depends on the weather conditions and the flight type you use.

What’s the frequency of flights to Abu Dhabi from London?

In general, there are more than 60 flights per day from all the airports of London to Abu Dhabi. Moreover, if you check the page, you can see a timetable of the cheapest flights available.

Which days are cheap for ticket booking from London to Abu Dhabi?

According to different studies, the best days for booking cheap flights from London to Abu Dhabi are the days during the week, as most of the passengers usually book flights during the weekends. Also, if you avoid the holidays, you can still find other cheap flights.

Abu Dhabi Holidays