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One of the best opportunities for getting a cheap flight from London, United Kingdom to Bahrain certainly is SkyJet Air Travel. They offer affordable flights, free booking services and cheap tickets from London to Bahrain. The domain page shows a timetable of the cheapest options for flights. Just enter the destination details with desired date of travel and run the search. Hundreds of flight options will appear on you screen, just compare the flight options, choose the option that best suits your requirements and get the best travel deal. If you have not booked your hotel accommodation in Bahrain then do not worry as Skyjet also assists with Hotel bookings.


Best Things About Bahrain

Bahrain which is located at the western part of Arabia, and the Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the earliest countries which converted in Islam. Bahrain was once known for the pearl fisheries which were pretty popular during the 19th century. If you wish to checkout the architectural beauty of 18-19th century then take a visit to Beit Khalifa Isa Bin Ali Al Khalifa. The national museum and galleries of Bahrain showcases the art and culture tradition of Bahrainis. If you are fond of history then visit the Bahrain fort and A'Ali Burial mounds. If you are interested in theatres and plays then the best plays to visit is Bahrain National Theatre. Foodies should take tour of fish house and haji gahwa for exclusive biryanis and seafood. If you are looking for shopping options then Bab el-Bahrain is your destination.

Culture, Cuisines and Climate in Bahrain

Similar to the Arabians, the culture and heritage of Bahrain is also associated with the Islamic Arabs. Although you can find a sizable number of Indian, Pakistanis, Egyptians, Malaysians and Iranians in Bahrain, the Bahraini citizens strictly follow their Islamic religion. When it comes to cuisines, thanks to the diverse population in Bahrain by which you can find a wide range of Arabic, India, Pakistani and other international mouth watering food options. If you are planning to visit Bahrain from London then the checkout the best time to visit Bahrain as the climate is normally warm all around the year. The winters are cool but not chilly.

Best Time to Fly Bahrain

The average temperature in the city is 18-35 degrees so most of the time in a year Bahrain is warm and comfortable. The temperature dips during the winter season but the lowest temperature in Bahrain is 7 degrees. Most of the tourist crowds flow in during the winter season because of the comfortable weather and island is in its best. If you are planning to save money on room rates and cheaper flights then choose the Skyjet Air Travels. Summers are brutal at times in Bahrain and the temperature can rise up to 40 degrees. Choose Skyjet and get the best travel deals online.

How to buy cheap flights from London to Bahrain?

You can buy cheap flights from London to Bahrain via There you can see a timetable where you can find the cheapest flight options.

How much can I save by getting a cheap ticket?

You can save up to 500 pounds by getting a cheap ticket from London to Bahrain.

Does the price include any food and drinks?

Yes, the price includes food and drinks for a long haul flight.

Are there any particular days when I can buy a cheap ticket?

Yes, there are some particular days when you can buy a cheap ticket from London to Bahrain. According to some studies, those days include Wednesdays and weekdays in winter, autumn or spring (people tend to travel in summer).

What is the flight duration from London to Bahrain?

Specifically, the flight duration from London to Bahrain approximately is 6hours and 35minutes.

What is the number of flights from all the airports of London to Bahrain?

Most commonly, there are 3 flights a day from all the airports of London to Bahrain.